1.Early termination fee

The smart contract stipulates that a 1% early termination fee will be charged if you withdraw the principal before the end date specified by the payout condition. The stipulation provides incentives for you to comply with the contract, while also becoming an additional revenue for the Punk community. Don't worry too much because it can be earned quickly with Punk Protocol.

2. Ways to terminate your annuity

1) Inventory

  • Find the Saver item that you want to terminate, from your inventory, then click 'Terminate Icon'.

2) Confirm the amount

  • If you terminate now, you can confirm the amount of the tokens you receive.

  • It will charge 1% as an early termination fee. But, the earnings accumulated up to now (Basic APY + Bonus via other's early termination fees + PUNK token) might be higher.

  • If the amount you receive is less than the principal, it might be a clever strategy to postpone the termination for a while.

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