ETH added on Kovan Testnet

Jun 12, 2021

To make sure users have a wonderful experience in PUNK

Users often find DeFi services difficult.

Our ultimate goal is to develop a service that users effortlessly achieve financial freedom by using our product.

In order to do so and provide mad contentment, the product team focuses on developing with a mindset of constant evolution.

We welcome feedbacks via #🐛︲i-found-a-bug channel on Punk’s discord. We will continue to improve and to pave a better path to reach further. With the voices from experiences accumulated, we can build a finer Punk community.

As the news from the world shows, we launched testnet and updated the server. Here’s what we updated:

Addition of ETH on Kovan Testnet

Within 2 days after the Testnet Launch on Kovan network, we have faced an astonishing phenomenon where DAI and USDT tokens are dried out in the Uniswap pools. Isn’t it amazing?

We have added ETH for future Punkers to enjoy more. You can join Saver with less steps.

Easy numbers

You will soon witness some tremendous amount of total value locked and the total bonus in PUNK. An epic number is shown already on testnet.

We are counting Million, Billion, Trillion and Quadrillion, with the future considered.

Introduction on major media

The first event to officially hear about PUNK worldwide.

You can meet-might have encountered already-exciting news released on several major media outlets: Bloomberg, BusinessInsider, Yahoo Finance and so many more.

This means a great deal since it would be the beginning of a long, strong journey for PUNK.

Constantly evolving result on testnet

The number of signups for Saver on our Punk testnet has reached 2,313 and the number of total transactions reached 4,677. Those are big numbers! We sincerely appreciate your active participation.

FYI, according to DeFi Llama, TVL in DeFi market is $111.82B (USD) while total value of $61.97B is locked in Punk’s testnet as of June 11, 2021.

More than half the amount of TVL in DeFi market is with Punk! It’s only the test network for now, but similar numbers on the main network would be incredible!

Small but significant notes

  • We brought the 2nd round of airdrop to an end. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation.

  • We upgraded our channels on Discord/Telegram — activated automatic answering function. No more spamming.

  • We made an improvement in showing Balance.

  • As always, Punky user experience matters.

What’s upcoming in the near future?

1. Various strategies on building yield We are happy to announce that we joined Gitcoin Hackathon Round 10 to provide a variety of investment methods. We will continue to update our investment models. If you have a great idea, or multiple ideas for Punkers, you are welcome to join Gitcoin Hackathon or propose via Punk community(Open anytime).

2. BTC strategy El Salvador declared a revolutionary news that they had made bitcoin legal tender. We stand with El Salvador and Jack Mallers. We will be adding BTC-based strategy in the annuity.

3. Mobile version We are working very hard on the development of Punk’s mobile version for you to experience PUNK anywhere, anytime.

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