Inventory is a space only for you, where you store your Saver items. Here, you can either receive your payout every count or check your current status.

Current ROI

Current ROI is a real-time measure of how much you're earning compared to your deposit.

Expected ROI

Expected ROI is the expected return of investment on the date you receive all of your annuity.

Available Payout

The Available Payout displays the available amount that you will be able to claim. When there is an available payout, the Claim button will be active, whereas the Claim button will be disabled when there are none available.

2. Add More Deposit

  • Even if you have already joined the Saver, you can deposit additional tokens at any time before 1 day (regardless of how many times you deposited) prior to the first receipt date.

  • Only tokens that fit your Forge are allowed.

3. Claim

  • When it is time to claim your Saver, you can find the available payout and your estimated ROI.

  • Click on 'CLAIM' to receive. The 'CLAIM' button will be only available on the date of reception.

  • The revenue of the payout you did not claim continues to accumulate, with the liquidity provided.

  • Please check the status in the inventory after claiming, since it will take some time to approve your transaction.

  • When the claim is completed, the status will be switched to standby for the next count.

  • Visit PunkProtocol on your next claiming date to get great pleasure!

4. End of the annuity

  • You will get a report on the overall ROI and updated asset of your Saver.

  • You can check the total amount of tokens deposited to date and the total amount of tokens received.

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