Token Distribution

Last Updated July 22, 2021

Total Supply: 21,000,000 PUNK (Mint Disabled same as Bitcoin)

  • 75% - Community

    • 50% - Saver Reward: Incentivizing and distributing powers and rights to users who use Punk Protocol and continue to interact within the community. The Saver reward pool has a halving cycle of every 4 years and PUNK Tokens are distributed by calculating each user's contribution. Each Saver Forge has different and flexible weights which can be changed via governance voting.

    • 20% - Community Reserve: Reserves to incentivize new products.

    • 3% - Punk Staking: Motivating users to keep Punk tokens and reduce circulating distribution.

    • 1% - Fair Launch: Boosting initial liquidity for early supporters.

    • 1% - Uniswap LP Staking: Encouraging user's behavior of add liquidity on Uniswap.

  • 15% - Contributors: Released monthly basis over 24 months from TGE.

  • 10% - Ecosystem Fund: Released only 87,500 tokens before the TGE, and the remaining will be vested monthly basis over 24 months from the TGE for the expansion of ecosystem and development.

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