Saver Parameters

Only four parameters are required to create and join the Saver.

Parameter 0. amount :

The amount of token to be deposited into the Saver must be entered.

Parameter 1. startTimestamp :

The period of the first payout date must be entered. startTimestampmust be set at a minimum of one day after block.timestamp. Setting it longer will generate more revenue, as long-term deposit produces more liquidity.

Parameter 2. count :

The count must be entered with the number of payouts to be received, with a minimum value of one. Splitting payouts means that the investment can operate longer, so increasing the count will lead to higher profits.

Parameter 3. interval :

Theinterval between receiving each payout must be entered with a minimum value of one day. Having larger intervals between receipts will lead to higher profits for the same reason.

When you enter four parameters and deposit, your principal will be invested in the following strategic model determined by the governance. This is automatically operated by smart contract logic and will consistently earn compounding interest.

Afterward, the investment will be distributed periodically like pension or annuity, based on the parameters that the users entered.

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