Observe Radar


Radar is where you can inspect the data of Punk Protocol. You should check the data before making a deposit and decide which Saver to be the best for you.


TVL is total value locked, and it represents the number of assets that are currently deposited in the Punk Protocol.

Total Bonus

The total bonus is the sum of the early termination fee. It is redistributed to each user by applying the Saver Score formula.

Total Reward

Total Reward is the total amount of PUNK tokens allocated to Saver as an incentive. Daily Reward shows the number of PUNK tokens distributed daily.


The annual percentage yield(APY) is the estimated rate of return earned on Saver, taking into account the effect of compounding interest.


  • Forge is a repository for Savers. If the Saver is an annuity bond, the Forge functions like a combination of an annuity product, deposit, and withdrawal window.

  • It also includes the function of a ERC-20 Token by issuing and managing pLP tokens.

  • Each Forge have different weights. This weight is flexible and can be changed via a governance vote or when a new Saver Forge is added to the protocol.

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