Meet Punk on Mobile

Jun 25, 2021

Meet Punk Protocol on Mobile

We received MANY requests from punkers to adapt Punk Protocol for mobile version and have sped up the schedule.

As Punk currently only supports Metamask wallet, Punkers can use via Metamask’s browser. (Oh, we will soon be adding WalletConnect and Coinbase Wallet.)

Opening the page, ABOUT PUNK

We have been sharing a lot of our thoughts on how we started Punk on Medium and Docs. Nonetheless, we thought reading our thoughts may be boring so we have put more PUNK-iness. haha.

Great and geeky developers and designers of the product team tried their best not to miss a 1px and made a fantastic interaction on the website. You can check out the result here.

Oh, by the way, you can find introduction of every contributor on the very bottom. Any Punker who wants to join us, Join Us!

Update on examination of abnormal transactions

Hello sir, I joined SAVER with DAI few days ago, and the setting cycle was 1 day. I claimed my DAI, but I didn't receive any. Who can tell me why?

One Punker joined SAVER with some amount of DAI, but he/she has reported that “claim” could not be made.

An unfortunate issue occurred on testnet. When the amount was exchanged from cDAI to DAI, it malfunctioned.

The code to check abnormal transactions has since been modified. We sincerely appreciate your report as well as participation.

Gitcoin Hackathon

Punk Protocol partners with Gitcoin and becomes a Grants Round 10 Hackathon sponsor on the 16th of June.

Gitcoin’s Hackathon greets the 10th round, and the event will be running from June 16th until July 7th, 2021.

Punk Protocol opened 5 bounties with rewards of $35,000 as a core sponsor along with Aave, Uniswap, Polygon, Algorand, The Graph, Reflexer Labs, Perpetual Protocol, DODO, and more.

You can watch an introductory video of Punk Protocol here.

Bounty List 1. Building Yield Strategy for DeFi 401(k) -300PUNK ($3,000USD) 2. Coding Stablecoin Yield Strategy -700PUNK ($7,000USD) 3. Integration of Saver to SOLANA Network -1,500PUNK ($15,000USD) 4. Building&Coding BTC Yield Strategy -600PUNK ($6,000USD) 5. Punk x Aave Yield Strategy -400PUNK ($4,000USD)

A small but significant note

  • Channels added on Punk Discord channel 🦾︲punk-protocol (find info about Punk Protocol) 🤷︲faq (frequently asked questions by Punkers) 🤬︲report-spammers (report spammers who DM’s you with promotional content)

  • Punk Protocol Discord Moderator(@PUNKMOD) added.

  • We have fixed the error that users can’t see the next claim date to receive payout.

  • We have fixed to show the full number when the APY is too high and some digits are missed.

  • The final date to receive Saver cannot be calculated when it is over 300,000 years. (The Punkers mustn’t be aliens?)

  • We have added a little alert (●) to help you notice when the time to receive Saver is approaching.

  • As always, Punky user experience matters.

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