Brand Assets

We are very proud of our logo. Follow these guidelines to ensure it always looks its best. If you have any questions about the usage of the logo, you can reach us in the community.

Download all assets here

The Punk logo is composed of a punky symbol and glitch logotype. It should be used whenever possible to maintain brand recognition and consistency.

The full-color logos should be used only for white, black, or punk gradients colored backgrounds. Avoid using full-color logos on photographs unless the logo sits on a black or white area of the image.


The Punk's symbol expresses our vision. We assembled to emancipate you from the exploitation of old finance with pioneers who are influenced by the cyberpunk worldview and the DeFi.

The square object in the symbol represents the Punk's weapon. We are inventing various financial weapons for Punkers to accumulate wealth and fight with them. Starting with the Saver, there will be various types of weapons coming ahead. Hold your breath!


Set the first image as default. If the token looks too small, use the one without outer contour.


The Punk primary color palette comprises three core colors: punk blue, punk purple ,and punk red. These colors should be used regularly in marketing materials to reinforce the punk brand.

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